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CMT5000 Series Floor-standing Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine

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Model:CMT5504 CMT5105

Model:       CMT5504; CMT5105; CMT5205; CMT5305; CMT5505; CMT5605
Capacity:  50kN; 100kN; 200kN; 300kN; 500kN; 600kN
    These rugged electromechanical UTMs feature SANS strain gage load cell force measuring systems. Choice of single working space or dual working space load frame and maximum frame capacities from 50N to 600kN. Options for the Electomatic machines include extra length screws and columns for extraordinary sized samples.
    All testing hardware is fully complemented by SANS developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application. SANS professional testing software and proprietary control system ultimate come true closed loop testing and control of load, extension and displacement.
Easy to use and operate
1. High accuracy: Measurement accuracy of testing speed, load, crosshead displacement can meet or surpass +0.5%% of reading
2. High sampling rate: The sampling rate 50Hz, reach advanced international level
3. High load resolution: Better than 1/300000, no step, and unchanged in full range
4. Multi-cycle control modes: Control system is capable in load cycle, displacement cycle, extensometer cycle or their combination
5. Extending function: Equipped with multi-load cells to meet the further requirement of customers
6. High security: The system can inspect and protect automatically once overload, over currency; Position limiter; Emergency stop 
7. Comply with different standards, such as ASTM, BS, JIS, ISO, IEC

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