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SHT5000P Series Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Model:     SHT5205P; SHT5305P; SHT5506P; SHT5605P; SHT5106P; SHT5206P

Capacity: 200kN; 300kN; 500kN; 600kN; 1000kN; 2000kN

    SHT5000P series are based on SANS SHT5000 series servo hydraulic testing system and improved with side action grips.
    This series adopts international advanced side action grip technology and solve the problem of load dropping during large force test and high frequency batch test. Gripping force is auto controlled and stable for tensile test of high strength, high hardness materials, stranded wire, and other hard-to-clamp specimens.
    Dual side action allows synchronous clamping specimens and ensures precise center alignment. This deign can also eliminate lateral force on specimens before test which is common in wedge action grips.

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