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SHT5000 Series Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Model:    SHT5205; SHT5305 ; SHT5506; SHT5605; SHT5106; SHT5206

Capacity: 200kN; 300kN; 500kN; 600kN; 1000kN; 2000kN

    SHT5000 Series adopt single, compact working space,  with bottom-placed actuator (below 300kN)  or top-mounted actuator (above 300kN), which both have good advantage of rigidity, no mechanical clearance, high-efficiency and easy to operate. This series is especially used to perform batch tests and high precision required tests

    Powerful professional software PowerTest can control, collect and processing test data automatically, and real-time display the result of tests and the curves of load-strain, load-extension, load-time and others. It can save, output and print testing reports and preset data. Data exchange and share on the internet is available with professional network software.
    This series of testing machines can be used to perform tensile, compression and various functional tests. With electrical-servo closed loops to control, it can apply force at uniform speed and follow the preset sequences. This series will meet the test requirements of university, quality control department, testing center, science research department and so on.

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