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YAW4000 Series Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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Model:      YAW4305, YAW4605, YAW4106, YAW4206, YAW4306
Capacity: 300kN, 600kN, 1000kN, 2000kN, 3000kN
    This testing machine is mainly used to test compression strength of cement, concrete and rocks. Meanwhile they can perform shear test, anti-break test, and Elastic Modules test of concrete with special compression fixtures and measurement assembly.
    YAW series' systems are guaranteed to meet ISO 15579-2000, ISO679, ISO 7438-1985 and other international and national specifications. With advanced, precise, full digital and graphic displaying instruments, it can be used to determine compression-resistance strength of building materials such as bricks, stones, concretes, cements and so on. When equipped with corresponding grips and measuring devices, it can perform break-resistance test, split test of concretes, as well can be used to carry out compression and punch break test of metals.

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