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ZBC2000 Series Automatic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

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Model:         ZBC2152, ZBC2302, ZBC2452, ZBC2602, ZBC2752, ZBC2503

Max impact energy(J): 150, 300, 450, 600, 750, 3000
    The model ZBC2000 series pendulum impact tester comes from SANS pendulum impact testing machines series family, fashionable design and complete assembly with SANS high technology satisfied with impact resistance tests of metal material under dynamic loading, It is widely applied into the following industries: manufacturer of metal material, quality control of products, institutes and colleges, R&D.
    Comply with ISO R148, ISO R83, EN10045, ASTM E23
    Optional computer with software control is available to realize semiautomatic operation. Operator only need charge specimens. Others can be controlled by software.
    Optional specimen feeding system is available. Combined with computer and software, fully automatic operation can be realized.
    Optional cooling chamber is available to satisfy cold specimen test down to -100 OC

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