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ZBC1000 Series Plastic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

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Model:      ZBC1400, ZBC1251
Capacity:  4J, 25J
The model ZBC1000 Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is mainly designed to perform special tests for plastic material to determine impact resistance performance under dynamic loading.
It allows continuous impact test for large quantities specimens. Special control panel and display can real-time display impact energy, impact ductility, pendulum raising angels.
Two display methods are available, dial type and digital type (LCD monitor).
It complies with ISO179, ISO180, ASTM D256, ASTM D4812, ASTM D4508, ASTM D950 and other similar standards.
Two models are available
ZBC1400, max Charpy impact energy 4J, max Izod impact energy 2.75J
ZBC1251, max Charpy impact energy 25J, max Izod impact energy 22J

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