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ZCJ1000 Series Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine

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Model: ZCJ1302-1, ZCJ1302-2, ZCJ1302-3, ZCJ1302-4
Max impact energy: 300J
    This machine is for impact resistance test of various flats and pipes. It's the necessary test instrument for factories and scientific research institutes.
    Full automatic control allows that automatically preventing a second time impact, automatically crosshead adjusting to zero , automatically specimen adjusting to zero, automatically crosshead returning to a predetermined height, and automatically detecting door closing state.
    Special control panel and display can satisfy user operation and display requirements, for example, display real-time test data, height, velocity, and impact height setup. This system has power-off protection function, preset impact height data may not lose at power failure.
    This instrument is applicable to test impact energy of plastics, ceramics, nylons, construction materials and other non-metal pipes and flats. Provide with automatic height control, display and drop control. Lower test platform adjustment is driven by motor automatically, which reduces labor intensity of operator and improves productivity.

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