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ZWK1000 Series HDT&VICAT Testing Machine

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Model: ZWK1302-1, ZWK1302-2, ZWK1302-3
Test stations: 3, 4, 6
ZWK1302 Series HDT&VICAT Testing Machine is mainly used for deformation temperature and Vicat test for horniness pipes and tubes materials. ZWK1302 is the latest generation of SANS digitally controlled Automatic Deflection Temperature and Vicat test equipment, capable of testing up to six different specimens simultaneously, with an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to defined control and configuration parameters of user.
Technical Specifications:

Temperature range

Room -300 deg. C

Temperature Accuracy

0.5 deg. C

Uniformity of temperature raising

5 +/- 0.5 deg. C / 6min

12 +/- 1.0 deg. C/ 6min


Range of Deformation measurement


Resolution of Deformation measurement


Number of frame for specimen

3, 4, 6

Maximum loading capacity


GA=10N +/- 0.2N, GB=50N +/- 1N


A: By fiber stress 1.80MPa

B: By fiber stress 0.45MPa

C: By fiber stress 8.00MPa


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