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ZNY1000 Series Pipe Hydrostatic and Burst Testing Machine

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Model:  ZNY1506, ZNY1107, ZNY1167, ZNY1207, ZNY1307, ZNY1507, ZNY1807, etc.
Max pressure: 5Mpa, 10Mpa, 16Mpa, 20Mpa, 30Mpa, 50Mpa, 70Mpa, 80Mpa, expandable up to 500Mpa
This machine is especially used for short-time hydraulic failure and resistance to constant internal pressure test of high pressure oil pipe, submarine gas-pipe and hydraulic pipe, and others.
Apply air over water pump to supply pressure, accumulator to stabilize pressure, equipped with a wide range of fixtures, water and air as test media. Able to conduct pressure test of valve, connector and radiator in the same test instruments.
Comply with ISO1167, ASTM D1598, ASTM F1335
Technical Specifications:
1.    Max. pressure: 5MPa, 10MPa, 16MPa, 20MPa, 30MPa

2.    Diameter of the specimen: 16-630

3.    Testing route: 1-20 route(Separate controlling)

4.    Pressure accuracy: 1%

5.    Constant Pressure Accuracy: -1%--+2%

6.    Constant Pressure Range: 5%-100%

7.    Constant Temperature Range: Ambient temperature-95 degree. C .  (Low Temperature Device 20-95 degree C)

8.    Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1 degree C

9.    Temperature Uniformity: +/-1 degree C

10.  Timing Range: 0-10000h

11.  Timing accuracy: 0.1%

12.  Power: 3 phase 380V    50Hz

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