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QYJ1000 Series Plastic Specimen Notcher

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This machine is designed to notch a plastic specimen for Charpy and Izod impact test. It is suitable for notched specimen preparation in laboratory, research institutes and academy, and nonmetallic material factories.
Comply with ISO179-1993 and other standards
1. Specimen type: Type1, Type2, Type3, Type4
2. Notch type: A, B, C
3. Tool specifications:
       Type A: 45O + 30' r= 0.25
       Type B: 45O + 30' r= 1
       Type CI: thickness: 2+0.2
       Type CII: thickness: 0.8+0.1
4. Motor speed: n=1400r/min
5. Overall dimension(LxHxH): 316x366x450 (mm)

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