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ZYJ1000 Series Dumbbell Specimen Making Machine

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ZYJ1000 series is capable of making specimens for follow tests: bar specimen for VICAT/HDT test,  dumbbell specimen for plastic pipe or plastics tensile test. It provides high reliability in cutting tool, smooth edge, burr free and dirt free. Vaccum cleaner is equipped to remove scraps during working.
This machine is capable of making following specimens:
1. Specimen for HDT test
2. Specimen for VICAT test
3. Dumbbell specimen for plastic pipe tensile test
4. Dumbbell specimen for plastic tensile test
   Flat specimen: length<150mm, width 16~30mm, 3<thickness<25mm
Customer required other specimens, such as Aluminum, Magnesium, and alloy specimen, thickness is more than 3mm and less than 10mm.
Technical specifications
1. Temperature range: ambient
2. Motor speed: 1400r/min
3. Motor power: 1200W (vacuum cleaner), 180W(motor)
4. Dimension (LxWxH): 500x450x450 mm

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