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QYJ4201 Notch Broacher for metal

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This broacher is the specific machine to notch metal specimen, which combines machine tool design with material testing standards. It features hydraulic drive, stepless speed change, specific broaching tool, fast fabrication and cooling which ensures notch dimension and surface precision. It's easy to use and reliable. Double broaching tools improve work efficiency. Tool material is W18Cr4V, which has a long life of broaching over 20 thousand pieces of specimen.
1. Specimen size: 10x10(7.5 or 5)x55mm
2. Notch type: select two among four types
3. Broaching tool travel: 340+10mm (adjustable)
4. Broaching speed: 2-3m/min (stepless speed change)
5. Lubrication system: Lubricating oil circulation, oil is adjustable
6. Power: 380V, 550W
7. Dimension: 430x750x1250mm
8. Weight: 150kg
Specimen notch type
V type----Comply with ASTM E23, ISO148 (2mm depth notch, 45o, R0.25)
U2 type--Comply with GB/T229 (2mm depth notch)
U3 type--Comply with DIN50115, DVM specimen (3mm depth notch)
U5 type--Comply with ISO83, GB/T229 (5mm depth notch)

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