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About Us

About SANS

SANS is the leading manufacturer and supplier of static material testing instruments in China. Our machines are designed for use in Research and Quality Control to measure material's strength and performance. With SANS equipment it is possible to study the properties of metals, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives and finished components. SANS machines are capable of performing a full spectrum of material tests, including tension, shear, compression, flex/bend, puncture/burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, heat distortion temperature, Vicat penetration and torsion. All tests are designed and implemented by SANS in accordance with key international testing standards such as ISO, ASTM, EN and other equivalents.

About MTS

MTS Systems Corporation is the premier global supplier of mechanical test systems and industrial position sensors. Test engineers and researchers rely on MTS technology and expertise to accelerate and improve design, development and manufacturing processes. High performance MTS testing products are deployed around the world to meet material, component, system and structural testing needs across a broad spectrum of industries, including biomedical, civil engineering, consumer products, automotive and aerospace. MTS' high-performance position sensors provide controls for a variety of industrial and vehicular applications. Learn more about MTS.


MTS Systems Corporation officially announced the acquisition to SANS in 2008, please visit http://www.mts.com/en/about/news/DEV_003919  to know more details.

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