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New Start Sound New Canto - Spring Festival Ceremony of SANS

    The 2007 spring festival ceremony and the 2006 year-end meeting of SANS was held in Shenzhen Xili Finance Center on 8th ,Feb,2007.
    On this special day, all of sans people in every corner in China enjoyed the ceremony at the same time, the SANS stars was sparkled in China, and the dance of SANS was dazzled in this globe.
    All of these was memorized in our history, the max-scale and the strongest economy strength group of material testing machine manufacturing will be formally seated on Songjiang, Shanghai, and in the near future, a modern industrial park of testing machine will grow up.
    SANS people made concerned efforts, and leaded a fruitful 2006.
   "This is a new start", said chairman Huang; and he encouraged every SANS people to make the second accomplishment. We won the first in the past 10years in China, and the next 10 year will be our aims to be the first in the world. The revolution does not succeed yet, comrades still need to struggle. 
    Today, we are focusing our future with full confidence, pull together to play a new canto of SANS at a new start.