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SANS transited SGS ISO9001 the intendance auditing

    March 13th 2007, according to the ISO9001:2000 quality system standard, three auditing commissaries whom expedited by SGS spent one day on auditing in SANS company. This is the SGS (Switzerland)'s first intendance auditing after exchanging certificate.
    Liu Zhili, the manager of Electronic Universal Company and the management commissaries Wen Jian, accompanied the auditing commissaries to audited SANS' ISO9001 system particular. They intercrossed with the staffs that are on trial, consulted the documents and data, and observed the processing locale. At the same time, the auditing group also brought forward some precious ameliorate attitudes and advices for SANS which about the appraise of devising new products' feasibility, the dependability of key components, the exploitation of manufacturing technologic and the standardization of products' quality checking data.
    The result of this auditing was approved by the auditing group. They consider that the ISO9001:2000 quality control system of SANS has been maintenances impactful, and the impressions are favorable.
    At the end of the conference, Mr. Liu denoted that: SANS is going to integrate the ISO9001 system and ERP system, also upgrade the validity of ISO9001 deeply.