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A letter to SANS customers

Dear customers of SANS:
We notify you at the first time that SANS group has formally signed agreement to join MTS systems of America, relevant things and procedures are in process.
MTS Systems Corporation is a leading global supplier of test systems and industrial position sensors. The head office is located in Eden Prairie, MN, USA, and dedicated in the manufacture of high-performance dynamic testing systems and high precision position sensors. SANS is the largest static testing machine provider in China, joining MTS can have a mutual beneficial situation, because of the advantages of both.
SANS has:
1.      A broad sales and service network in China;
2.      Perfect manufacture system;
3.      Full series of electromechanical testing machines, high load static hydraulic testing machines and varieties of special testing machines;
4.      Excellent group of engineers.
5.      Famous brand in China.
Meanwhile, MTS has:
1.      World top-rank technology of dynamic testing machines;
2.      High added value and reliable international brand;
3.      A broad global sales and service network.
MTS and SANS will combine their advantages and become the strongly provider of material testing machines in China and the world.
The strategic investment of MTS will accelerate the development of SANS products, and adopt advanced technology to expand in China and into the world market. The customers will enjoy a better test solution and high quality service.
MTS'  acquisition of SANS needs several months, before the completion of the acquisition, SANS will continue to work separately as before. We very much need your cooperation and help to assure a smooth transition on both legal term and the organization of the enterprise. With the combination with MTS, we will work hard to improve the standard of the product and the service, which will make you get more value from the new entity.
SANS promises:
We will provide the best after sales service to our customers as before;
We will continue to fulfill the contract signed with you;
We will provide you more and better equipments to you after the acquisition.
SANS expects:
You will continue to trust us as before;
You will assist us to complete the acquisition smoothly;
At last, we thank you for your support and love to SANS, we will let you know the work of acquisition in time through communication. If you have other questions, please contact with us.
                                                                  SANS group