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A letter to the customers

Dear customers:
Thank you for your support, concern and love for MTS and SANS. It has been more than two months since MTS and SANS have signed agreement, and everything concern to the acquisition is smoothly in process.
According to words the project director, who is responsible for the acquisition, told the senior leaders of MTS: SANS started from scratch, and with 12 years of efforts and high speed development grows from a little-known privately-run small enterprise to the pilot of the Chinese testing machine industry and the first brand. This illustrates the past 12 years of SANS is very excellent and successful with their development strategy, operation philosophy, management mode and their enterprise culture.
The facts of 12 years' achievement of SANS have proved this.
1.       The first enterprise of testing machine industry in China that have passed sales revenue of 100 million RMB;
2.       The sole enterprise in the industry that realize the sales revenue of 200 million RMB, SANS used only three years growing from 100 million to 200 million;
3.       The footstep of SANS high development never stops, and as of June 30th, 2008, the first half of the year, SANS broke through 140 million in sales revenue, a new record high.
Faced with the remarkable achievement of SANS in only 12 years, we are very grateful to the customers of their recognition of SANS company, SANS brand, the quality of SANS products, service and technical strength.
What is the change brought about by the MTS'  acquisition of SANS? Is the original operation philosophy will continue to perform?
For our customers, we solemnly announce here that:
1.      After MTS'  acquisition of SANS, we will continue to operate according to SANS existing operation philosophy and continue to provide our customers with high performance-price ratio and favorable after sales service.
2.      Integration of MTS and SANS advantages, the new company, for the help of MTS strong R&D strength and mature technology, will upgrade SANS products with load cell, controller, and other core technologies, and improves SANS level of technology and reliability.
At last, we expect our new and old customer continue to support SANS and MTS, and we will provide better products and service to contribute to the society for your love.

                                             MTS-SANS Integration team