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Ceremony for SANS Joining MTS & MTS (China) Co., Ltd Grand Opening

From 27th to 28th September, 2008, the Ceremony for SANS Joining MTS & MTS (China) Co., Ltd Grand Opening was held in Shenzhen and Shanghai respectively. MTS CEO Ms. Laura Hamilton, vice president Mr. David Meier, vice president Mr. Brian Lieser, MTS (China) president Mr. Chen Guoyu, SANS CEO Mr. Lei Qingan, SANS president Mr. Zhao Heping, vice president Mr. An Jianping, vice president Mr. Shang Zhixing, representatives of MTS staff and all SANS employees attended the ceremony.
The ceremony starts with awakening lion performance that with strong Chinese mood at 9 o'clock in the morning, Mr. David Meier and Mr. Zhao Heping dotted the eyes for the awakening lion together, which made the lion full of vigor that most vividly explained the meaning of "win-win co-operation and creating a brilliant future", the performance drew loud applause from the audience present 
After the wonderful awakening lion performance, the ceremony reached its climax by ribbon-cutting, Ms Laura Hamilton, Mr. David Meier, Mr. Brian Lieser, Mr. Chen Guoyu, Mr. Lei Qingan and Mr. Zhao Heping appeared on the blossomy stage for the ribbon-cutting for celebrating SANS joining MTS System Corporation. In the eager anticipation of all the staff present, they cut the ribbon with excitement when salute was rending the air and colorful fireworks falling from the sky, at the moment, the place was among a sea of joy and happiness. It indicated that the leading provider of material testing solutions in China officially joined the leading global supplier of test systems and industrial position sensors, the synergy aim at being a best supplier of the material testing industry over China and the world.           
After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr. Chen Guoyu and Mr. An Jianping unveiled the brand "MTS Systems (China) Co., Ltd" for the MTS (China) grand opening in China, with the strong joining of SANS, MTS will step into a new situation in China
Ms. Laura Hamilton and Mr. Lei Qingan made speeches that representatived MTS and SANS respectively
Ms. Laura Hamilton, representing MTS System corporation welcomed SANS to join MTS, highly praised the development and achievements of both MTS and SANS in its own field and market. She stated that it was a strategic move to absorb China outstanding enterprise SANS, which was the combination of technology and talent; it helped MTS becoming the leading provider of material testing in the world and assured the continuous successful development of MTS that with 40 years experience. In the course of her speech, Laura couldn¡¯t help getting down the stage to shake hands with MTS new employees and express her thanks and welcome to those new employees   
Mr. Lei Qingan, representing SANS corporation expanded warm congratulations to MTS in his speech, simultaneously expressed his thanks to the MTS new employees who had ever taken great efforts for SANS and it was an important historic moment to remember forever. Mr. Lei Qingan also stated that the combination of MTS and SANS indicated that MTS had taken a very important and successful step toward its global development strategy; he was in the expectation of seeing the prosperous that will come with MTS systems (China) Co., Ltd in China and very confident that MTS systems (China) Co., Ltd will acquire great achievements and make significant contribution for MTS's being the global leading supplier of the testing field in the support of MTS headquarter and correct leadership of MTS Systems (China) Co.,Ltd 's management team, and the effort of all MTS staff.
The most exciting MTS emblem granting ceremony came finally after the addresses. In order to thank for SANS employees who made outstanding contribution to SANS, MTS accepted the working age of the MTS new employee in SANS, and granted different emblems according to the different length of service.
In the merry and passionate music, Ms. Laura Hamilton handed the MTS emblem with two diamonds to the staff of 10 years working age. The emblem witnessed the services that given by the staff, and the diamonds forever, which representing the wonderful career and great achievements that encouraged the employees creating a even better situation together and putting the most beautiful touches on their career life.
Enjoying the golden sunshine of September, all MTS staff took photos in front of the gate after the closing of the ceremony, which left the most brilliant smile faces in this important moment. In the new expanded family, the MTS people are in the start of creating new value.