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Products Application Testing Mode Model
Universal Testing Machine Non-metal Tension/Compression
CMT2000 | CMT4000 | CMT6000 | CMT7000 | CMT8000 |
Metals Tension/Compression
Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Metals Tension/Compression
CHT4000 | SHT4000 | SHT4000W | SHT5000 | SHT5000P | SHT4000G
Compression Testing Machine Cement-brick compression/flexure
compression YAW
Pendulum Impact Tester Plastics PPR PE Pipe Charp Testing ZBC1501
Plastics Charpy/Izlod/
Tensile Impact Testing
ZBC1400 | ZBC1251
Metals Metals Charpy Impact Testing ZBC2000

Drop Weight Impact Tester

Plastics PVC PPR PE Pipe Impact ZCJ1000
Metals DWTT / NDT Testing ZCJ2000
Rebar Bending Testing Machine Steel rebar Bending testing ZLW401
Steel rebar Re-bending ZFW401
Dynamic Testing Machine Metals Fatigue/Compression MTS Landmark
Ring Stiffness Testing Machine Plastic pipe compression Ts9000-R
Torsion Testing Machine Metals Torsion CTT
HDT-VICAT Tester Plastics HDT&VICAT Testing ZWK1000
Melt Flow Indexer Plastics Melt Flow Index ZRZ1452
Pipe Pressure Testing Machine PVC PPR PE Pipe Hydrostatic and burst testing ZNY1000
Specimen preparation machine plastic Dumbbell specimen cutting
plastic Specimen notcher QYJ1000
metal Notch broacher QYJ4201