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Make our customers enjoy every test

1. The service attitude
Provide our customers best services wholeheartedly, take care of customers completely by our high quality services, and we will try our best to be a model in the field of testing machine, make contributions to the development of testing machine in China.
2. The service objective
Focus on our customers, provide customers high quality, overall services, makes customers' satisfaction to be our basic objective, every SANS testing machine works smoothly, and 100% degree of satisfaction of our customer are our ultimate aims.
3. The service mode
Provide our customers flexible and varied services and also overall solutions to problems, improve the system of service ourselves through paid services, and raise our service quality, meanwhile, explore the improvement of service contents and service mode, enable both of us to gain a best beneficial result.
4. The service standard
Makes customers' satisfaction to be our sole standard to judge our service quality.
5. The service value
Spread out our special customer service; enhance the product competition of SANS brand, co-operate actively with the developing strategy of our company.

SANS' service commitment

1. Establish specialized organization---Customer service department
Our company has established specialized organization---Customer service department, mainly responsible for the complaining and service request of our customers, appoint attendant to carry out service effectively according to the service control procedure and the relevant operation guidance, make sure that our customers are effectively serviced.
2. The service supervise device
To guaranty the service quality, achieve the management of service and supervision, we have established the "customer feedback" column, the service quality is evaluated by the customers; and also we have established a specialized receptionist for the supervising hotline at our headquarter, customer can direct the jobs in customer service department, so that the service department will continuously improve their work.
3. The perfect service network
With the company's continue development and the spread of market, in order to provide our customer timely service, we have already established specialized service network at Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanchang, Changsha, Jinan, Chongqing, Ningbo and Wuxi. Till now, SANS owns the largest number of service offices in the field of testing machine, speeded up the services effectively, and the service was improved.
4. The measures of service reform and protection
Every month and every quarter, the customer service department will make data statistics which arise in the process of service, carries on the analysis by statistical analysis method with relevant department, find out the unusual points and crux, then formulate the corresponding corrections and the preventive measures, avoids the similar situation occurring once more.
5. The system of head enquiry and specialist responsibility
No matter who answer the service calling (service request or service complaint), regardless of responsibility scope, he/she should respond to the customer politely, and record the question in detail, then feedback the question to the customer service department promptly. Should avoid the customer's second phone call. We may act according to the customer request, assign specialized engineer for each product to be responsible for the technology and the advisory service, and establishes three levels of technical support system, and make sure the problems be solved promptly and effectively.
6. Control in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard of service delivery
Our company has passed the German TUV-ISO9001:94 quality authentication in December, 1999, the quality control authentication of TUV-ISO9001:2000 in April, 2002, and the version of SGS-ISO9001:2000 in 2006. We have formulated and perfected "the procedure of installation and debugging on the spot", "the procedure after sales", "the test procedure of customer satisfaction", control the service procedure strictly, to ensure the service be carried out effectively, improved the customer's satisfaction.
7. Service on holiday
On holidays, we arrange service engineer on duty except the hotline, enable our customers get service support in the process of the equipment use promptly, and provide our customers the most thoughtful services.
8. Developing together with the customers
Establish knowledge sharing storehouse and update it in need, provide our clients the summary of the problem solving which arise in the process of service, so that we can improve our professional and technical level together with our customers. Provide regular training, including on-site training, centralized technical training and the provision of the latest version of the training materials.

SANS' services

1. Hotline service
When our customers in need to seek help after they have problems or breakdown in the equipment use, firstly, they can receive the service and direction through hotline, after the confirmation of the service enquiry, the service department will arrange technical specialist to help the customer locate the problem through hotline on time, then give them solutions, ultimately guide clients to solve the problem or remove equipment failures.

2. Service on spot
When the customer meets difficulties in the uses of equipment, or the equipment has abnormal state, they can seek help by fax or telephone, after the confirmation of the service enquiry, if the problem can not be solved by the hotline, under the circumstance of scene trouble shooting, the service department will arrange engineer to the spot on time, analyze the breakdown, formulate a solution, ultimately solve the problem.

3. Regular service return
The after-sale service personnel at least make a visit to the customer every year, 100% of the worry-free phone call, make spot check to the equipments, and find out the hidden danger in the operation of the equipment, reduce the possibility of equipment breakdown, ensure the smooth operation of equipment.

4. Customer training
Except the training to customers for installation and debugging, after the engineer finished the on-spot service, he/ she should carries on scene training to the customer aim at the cause and solution of the breakdown, meanwhile, the engineer should carries on a technical exchange with the customer for the operation of equipment in the future, so that the customer can solve the similar problem independently in the later operation.

5. Network service by online QQ, MSN, and the website
In order to satisfy our customers, SANS provide customer network service by online QQ, MSN, and the website, makes difficulty exchange and online service for customers on their equipment operation, and also we can operate the software of the equipment by network contract after the agreement of the customer, this will provide us more accuracy information, then improve our service efficiency and quality.

6. The investigation of customer satisfaction
The service department sends out the survey questionnaire to the clients through telephone, fax, e-mail and website, to know the customer's satisfaction to the technical support of our products, the system operation, the project implementation situation, the situation after-sales and the training to customers, and carries on the statistical analysis to the investigation result, promptly solve the problem, and improve our customer's satisfaction to our services.

7. Resources sharing
The company establishes technical support webpage relevant to customer service; provide relevant information for routine maintenance, and our clients can obtain relevant materials concerning equipment operation, product knowledge, maintenance experience within the jurisdiction, the service department will update the on-line materials regularly. The service department will extend the materials relevant to maintenance and the latest product technical support.

8. Software upgrade
The customer service department can supposed the customer request, to provide new edition software to the customer, makes a good stability to our customer's equipment, improve the user-friendliness and operability.

9. Customization Service
Aimed at the specific needs of customers, the service department can make a service agreement with the client, provide tailor-made services for clients, and satisfy the client's need. The tailor-made service includes multiple training, equipment reform, secondary Development, technical support for special test and the service guaranty.